Jon-Adrian Velazquez, convicted of murdering a retired NYPD officer in 1997, is serving 25 years to life. But a 10-year Dateline investigation revisits all the key players asking: is Velazquez actually innocent?
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Theme: Creating Healthy Communities
Location: Sing-Sing Correctional Facility
Jon-Adrian's Tedx Event was a success! The final program will be available online soon! Check out the New York Times Article!
Jon-Adrian is now a college graduate! We are all so proud. If he can accomplish this on the inside, imagine what he can do on the outside. Click Here to see his graduation that was attended by Whoopi Goldberg and Harry Belefonte.
Dateline NBC was nominated for three News and Documentary Emmy Awards. Click Here to watch 'Conviction,' which was nominated for 'Best Report in a News Magazine,' 'Outstanding Video Journalism' and 'Outstanding Editing.'
[BREAKING NEWS] May 2, 2013: After Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance rejects innocence plea of Jon-Adrian Velazquez, his legal team counters with a 440 motion to vacate a wrongful conviction! View the 440 Memo of Law presented by Jon-Adrian's attorneys here.
[BREAKING NEWS] May 6, 2013: creates support campaign for Jon-Adrian after his 440 filing. View the Blind-Justice.Org campaign here.
[BREAKING NEWS]April 4, 2013: Despite eyewitness recantations and the confession of another individual, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance rejects innocence plea of Jon Adrian Velazquez in 1998 Harlem murder. View the announcement from Jon-Adrian's attorneys here.
[BREAKING NEWS]April 6, 2013: Manhattan DA keeps high-profile murder conviction intact after review. By Dan Slepian Investigative Producer, NBC News. View Dan's article here.
Feb 2, 2013: Jeffrey Deskovic, wrongfully convicted, now exonerated, talks about his life's work to FREE the victims of wrongful convictions on 99.5 WBAI FM. Download the MP3 here.
A man wrongfully convicted, now exonerated, talks about his life's work to FREE the victims of wrongful convictions. Download the MP3 here.
Every day Mr. Velazquez spends incarcerated is a miscarriage of justice and grossly undermines any true concept of American justice becauseJon-Adrian Velazquez is actually an innocent man.
Jon-Adrian Velazquez was wrongfully convicted based solely on eyewitness misidentification. There is no physical or DNA evidence against Mr. Velazquez.

He is an innocent man.

Jon-Adrian Velazquez sits in an upstate prison wrongfully convicted of murder. Mr. Velazquez has lost fourteen years of his life after a jury convicted him of murder in the second degree on nothing more than eyewitness identifications.

The NBC I-Team Investigation (May 2, 2013)

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