The Photo Array and Line-up

On January 31, 1998, a photo array was prepared with Jon-Adrian Velazquez's photograph placed in position #5. Detectives Johnson and Moore took the photo array to the home of witness Dorothy Canady and asked her if she recognized anyone in the photo array as one of the perpetrators. Ms. Canady stated that the individuals in position #1 or #2 appeared to be the person. She did not identify Jon-Adrian Velazquez

The Lineup

Following Augustus Brown's identification of Jon-Adrian's CATCH photograph, the police contacted Jon-Adrian's family members who informed Jon-Adrian that the police wanted to speak with him. On February 2, 1998, Jon-Adrian voluntarily went to the 28th Precinct with his attorney, Susan Walsh, Esq. A number of hours later, Mr. Velazquez was placed in a lineup in the #2 position for the following witnesses to view: 1. Phillip Jones, 2. Robert Jones, 3. Lorenzo Woodford, 4. Joe Scott, 5. Augustus Brown and 6. Dorothy Canady.

Of the six witnesses who viewed the lineup, three of the witnesses positively identified Mr. Velazquez, Phillip Jones, Robert Jones and Augustus Brown (who had already viewed and selected Mr. Velazquez's photograph from the CATCH unit). Lorenzo Woodford initially selected number 3 and then stated maybe number 2 but that he was not positive. Joe Scott identified another individual, number six, stating, "that's him", and Dorothy Canady stated that she did not recognize any of the individuals. However, based on the positive identification of the three aforementioned witnesses, Mr. Velazquez was charged with the first degree murder of Albert Ward.

Aside from the identifications by Phillip and Robert Jones, arising from the selection of Jon-Adrian's photograph by Augustus Brown, there was not one piece of evidence, physical or circumstancial, linking Mr. Velazquez to these crimes.