Augustus Brown Identifies Jon-Adrian Velazquez

Augustus Brown was interviewed by the police on January 30, 1998 and that same night he was brought to the CATCH unit to view photographs of individuals who previously had been arrested. After viewing hundreds of photographs over the course of many hours, Augustus Brown selected a photograph of Jon-Adrian Velazquez. It was at this time that Augustus Brown first mentioned that he recognized Mr. Velazquez from the area of 95th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. Augustus Brown told the police that the last time he had seen Jon-Adrian Velazquez was two years prior to the incident. Prior to viewing the CATCH photographs, however, when asked about the perpetrators, Augustus Brown made no mention of having previously seen or having recognized either the perpetrators. In fact, when initially asked to describe the perpetrators, Brown described the light skinned individual as being black.

But for Augustus Brown's identification of the CATCH photograph, there was absolutely nothing linking Jon-Adrian Velazquez to this crime.